Director: Rose Trouche

EP/VR DP: Bruce Allan


DP, Director Bruce Allan is passionate about his craft, as an internationally awarded Photographer he brings a unique visual approach to his story telling. For Bruce it's not about having a huge production circus around him, it's about finding what’s right for each job. He loves to work with a team to develop and craft his the story, Bruce loves natural light.


As you will see in his reel, Bruce has a very visual eye and knows how to communicate a story. Working with some of the region's leading creative teams, Bruce has worked with many global clients such as European Space Agency, AirBus, Singapore Navy, The Australian Defence Force, Nascar, Qantas, Coke, GSK, Redbull, Lion Nathan, The United Nations and The Red Cross. Bruce understands the complexities of post production and has the knowledge to deliver across any mixed reality platform to communicate an idea. With commitment to crafting a engaging experience, and 15 Yrs of experience Bruce will deliver on any creative brief.